Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I'm addicted to spider solitaire. I don't even seem to need to move on to more difficult levels, just play the same game again and again. I'd like to say it's part of my creativity but it's not. It's just a waste of the time I should be spending writing. I even think about it at night and when I'm travelling - it's as if my fingers want to be clicking.

Have been reading horror stories in preparation for a class on writing them. I love one description which is that they make the skin on our souls shiver. Am surprised by how much I am enjoying them considering I was the child who refused to read Kidnapped because I got too scared by the title alone. I've still never managed to read the book. Watching the 100 most scarey film moments on TV too - it's not the gore and blood that gets me, it's the everyday actions turned on their head. Was surprised at how much telephones were used in horror action - could it be something to do with the way they allow voices to be disembodied?

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