Thursday, February 08, 2007

Poetry Critiques

The critiques of Julia Copus's poetry workshop in the Guardian have been printed, and to me they seem like pretty ideal examples of how to read a poem, with a combination of a search for meaning and technical skills. I'm going to print this off and really study it - for when I get back to poetry that is. The third novel has now found 'its shape', and I know it's working because I can't leave it alone. It's become like my dirty secret, I keep sneaking away from important things, like watching Ugly Betty to spend some time with it.

Other news - the first prize in the Costa Book Awards has been given to a novelist - first time since Kate Atkinson apparently. I'd love to see the criteria for how you could judge one genre against another, not because I doubt it, but just out of interest.

And because it's been some time since I've posted a writing prompt (reason not because I'm not writing, but because I am (see above)), today I'm going to write about .... Writing prompt 20-2007: Living my life in the library (see also above, in the Costa winner link).

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