Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let me show you my holiday snaps

So here I am. Back again.

Lots to tell, but first let me show you the crazy golf course we played at on Cape Cod. It's no secret to anyone who reads this blog that I am passionate about crazy golf, but this particular one was a real highlight.

It's been in the making 55 years apparently, and the owner gets his inspiration from God for each individual hole...

(I scored a hole in one in Moby Dick above. Not showing off, just saying. A hole in one, btw, did I mention that?)

However, the divine inspiration doesn't necessarily make it easy for players ...

Particularly as good use is made of the river. See this one below, the hole ended up on a raft. Which meant if you moved too enthusiastically then your ball rolled to one side too. No banging those clubs!

Best course ever. Ever.

And morbid of me, I know, but I couldn't resist taking a photograph of this sign. The funeral parlour was just opposite, and shared the car park. Playing crazy golf is so much the way I'd like to go...

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