Thursday, August 05, 2010


Harry doesn’t really believe the hairdresser when he says this is the latest cut. Even when he sees the result, Harry leaves a tip. The laughter in the salon follows him out to the street. A child points at him. It’s good to be ahead of fashion, the hairdresser said.


susanna said...

*grin* When my older brother got married in the 1970's, my sister and I were the flower girls. We we're five. Somehow they thought it would be super chic to give the two of us afros with daisies stuck all over it. Sorta like chia pets. I remember leaving the salon in shock while my sister had gone boneless and was being dragged outside wailing, "I want my own hair back!" A group of kids our age and a bit older saw us and just stared at us with their mouths gaping. It was the first time I remember feeling truly embarrassed. Of course we laugh about it now! :)

Kathryn's Daily Writing Workout said...

You're just so prickly these days, Derek. About everything.

You see? You're not even bothering to answer. Typical. You just don't care about my feelings at all do you?

Can't you be bothered or are you just trying to wind me up? When was the last time we touched, eh?