Wednesday, April 07, 2004

It's rabbit time on the common which means my dog is in bliss. I always know how to find her though because I see a rabbit rushing in one direction, and Tally will be tearing away in the complete opposite. I took her to the vet to see if she had trouble with her eyesight, my daughter thought she was blind, but she sees perfectly. Her sense of smell seems to be OK too, so we've been forced to come to the conclusion she's just completely stupid.
Someone has taken a sofa up to the common, one of those plush floral ones, and left it there like a bench. It looks wonderful and I love to think of people sitting on it at night, watching walkers go by like in front of a television. Well, I know they'll be doing other stuff as well but ...
When I lived in Soho in London, I came back from work once and a couple had set up a dining table on the pavement, complete with cloth, candles, china etc and were having a full-blown candlelit meal a deux oblivious to everyone walking by. It was a beautiful image and stays in my mind as the ultimate in romance.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

My gran used to have this verse in her bathroom that we all thought was the cleverest thing in the world. Much as we loved her, there wasn't always much to do at Gran's so we independently learnt the rhyme by heart. Or so we thought - when we tried to remember it recently we all had different ideas, but luckily my sister found a real copy. So for history's sake ....

Please remember - don't forget! -
never leave the bathroom wet.
Nor leave the soap still in the water -
that's a thing you never ought'er! -
and as you've been so often told,
never let the 'hot' run 'cold':
nor leave the towels upon the floor.
Nor keep the bath an hour or more -
when other folks are wanting one;
just don't forget - it isn't done! -
an' if you'd really do the the thing -
there's not the slightest need to sing!