Saturday, January 07, 2006

Have been so involved with editing firstly Tell Me Everything, and more recently my PhD thesis, that I'm in danger of getting tired of words. It was good then to discover Martin Waugh's beautiful photographs of liquid sculpture - these include raindrops, drops in your cup of tea, dew ... anything. I've been looking at them for hours - just love the way they form perfect cups in themselves. Think it's probably against copyright to post one here, but the site is on - and is well worth a visit.
And another site a friend passed on to me is Never again can you say you have nothing to wear ... just post up the options and the events, and the public will choose the best option for you. So many possible stories here, and it reminds me of those little paper dolls we used to play with, which came with a selection of paper outfits that you just fitted on with tabs that never quite worked. Oh, but times were good then ...

And my writing prompt for today is ... 'The Pillow Book of ....'

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