Sunday, January 29, 2006

There are so many websites, books, even tutors like me, who are dishing out writing tips left, right and centre. Here's one that got me excited this morning though. Not that there are 50 things you can do - that's rather overwhelming - but I just can't stop thinking about number 17, which is the act of putting two strange things beside each other to make a story. The writer uses the seduction of Emma Bovary at an agricultural fair, as an example, and it makes me think of a writing prompt that proved so successful there was a whole book written about it. So I'm going to use that particular prompt for writing today, and it is ... a wedding cake in the middle of the road.


Shirl said...

Glad to find your site as I was looking for Uk authors to read and maybe have bookmarked your blog on my mine Sarah.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Shirl. And I'm pleased to have found your site too now!