Saturday, July 01, 2006

I've been using mind maps for some time for my writing - particularly with poetry to see the connections and links that I can use, but have always thought of them as something best done with pen and paper so I can scribble and colour as I want - see here for some particularly beautiful ones. However, I've just been playing with a computer based version that seems to work well. I love the little bombs and happy faces I can add, hours of happy not-writing ahead I can see!
And my writing prompt today is going to be ... happy faces.


Debra said...

I downloaded this software too, but I have never got round to using it. Will you give us an update of how it's going in 6 months. Will you still be using it or have reverted to pen and paper?

Sarah said...

I know, Debra. There's something about getting all messy with pen and paper that seems to help. Yep, I'll come back in 6 months and let you know! Interesting you downloaded and never used it - what put you off?