Monday, August 21, 2006

Bluechrome, the excellent publisher of the excellent Messages, has started Random Review, a new campaign linked with the Bookcrossing initiative. Here are details:
Introducing The Random Review - Get a Free Book from bluechrome
For those of you that haven't come across it is well worth a visit, not least because it spreads the word about good (and bad) books and promotes literature using old fashioned collaboration. To date nearly half a million people have joined and 'Released' some of their favourite books into the wild, by leaving them in coffee shops, at bus stops and anywhere else people might find them, pick them up and give them a read. We thought it a great idea and wanted to join in, and to do this we'd like your help. The idea of the Random Review is that we will send a handful of each of our new titles to a random selection of those that let us know that they would like to join in, and promises to:

1. Read the book
2. Write a Review, good or bad, and add it to the Book Crossing Web Site
3. Give the book to somebody else or leave it somewhere for somebody to find.

So how do you register your interest? Well all you have to do is send us your name and postal address by e-mail to and we may well send you a book in the very near future. Oh, and mention whether you prefer fiction or poetry books.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I've already registered my interest - I think this is a brilliant idea!

Sarah said...

Great - look forward to hearing how your book gets on during its travels! And I've enjoyed your work btw, my fellow Bluechrome writer!!!!