Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well, this is all very disappointing. With only two weeks to go to the great allotment show, my hopes of becoming the Nigella of the Giant Pumpkin world are being cruelly dashed. Even I will admit that my entry to the Heaviest Pumpkin category is looking slightly weedy:

especially compared with those of the past (I've tried making this photo smaller to make them look less impressive but it still doesn't work! These are BEASTS!):

Never mind, at least my marrow is still in with a chance:

And most of all the allotment is an amazing place to go and write, or to just be. Feast your eyes on this (not mine, but we can dream):


Kate Long said...

Ah, but you've missed a trick here. What you need to do is insert a cunningly positioned piece of dolls' house furniture into the photo field of your pumpkin, so that viewers will go, My God, it's as big as a bureau! or whatever.

clare said...

Oh, but it's so sweet Sarah. Little baby Pumpkin. I thought maybe you could dress it up in a bonnet - but the doll's house furniture is a better idea. Much more surreal.

And Big pumpkins are so vulgar, don't you think?

Good luck with the marrow!

Sarah said...

Good idea, Kate. Watch this space.... and Clare, thanks, but it's not SUPPOSED to be sweet. It's meant to be big and butch and bring all the other pumpkin growers to tears. Would you dress Mike Tyson in a bonnet? Ho hum.

clare said...

Ah well, good luck with it, Sarah.