Monday, June 18, 2007

Reading bits out the newspaper

We're heavily into exam fever in the house at the moment, coming to the end of GCSE's and in the middle of A2's, and no one has time to listen to me reading interesting bits out of the newspaper (not that they ever did really). Anyway, I'm going to do it here, because there's such a lovely column in today's G2. I found Hardeep Singh Kohli's brief picture of a shared father/son passion really moving. He writes:
I love shoes. Perhaps a little too much, but I really do love them. My father loved shoes and continues to admire mine, now that he has fallen inoxorably into the gaping chasm of 'comfortable' leisure footwear.
Later he made me laugh out loud with this comment:
For seven months I have been looking for a new pair of black shoes. Seven months. I have bought houses more quickly.
I'd like to go shopping with this man. We seem to move at the same pace when it comes to making decisions.

OK, I'm going back to munching my toast now, but wait, here's a bit about Virginia Wade, which reminds me of one of my most embarrasing foot-in-mouth moments ever. I was introduced to her at a lunch once and before I could stop myself, gushed, 'It's like meeting history.' She was less than amused, but let me just read this bit out from ... oh, you've gone.


Jan said...

My brother, at elegant London reception with colleague Peter , was introduced to a fellow who, Peter said, had the D.F.S....
"And what did you win that for??" asked my ever-polite brother "Was it for bravery, valour?"
"Neither, you clown" hissed Peter " He's boss of D.F.S furniture stores" ....

Sarah said...

Yep, your brother wins ....!