Sunday, March 02, 2008

A difficult letter you need help with?

Then there's help for you on ebay here. Clare from Three Beautiful Things is experimenting with a new business idea. These are the letters you can have:

Love letters: a romantic gesture sure to delight.
Apologies: say sorry gracefully with a letter from the heart.
Condolences: a sympathetic letter in a time of grief
Complaints: a well-written letter increases your chance of getting results
Round robins: share your news without sounding boastful

Just a look at her blog shows that any letter she writes will be both beautiful and interesting, unless of course you ask for a dull letter. Which, while not being against the law, would be a shame.


Kathryn said...

A brilliant idea - I wish I'd thought of that one! I wonder if she'd consider subcontracting??

Sarah Salway said...

I know, isn't she cool?