Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wild thing!

Somehow I am not expecting great things, but I have taken the plunge and followed fellow bloggers such as Cornflower into the exciting sock knitting sphere.

I've been unwell recently - for some reason I want to say out of sorts, under the weather, under par, a bit blue, perhaps because they all sound like my mum talking and that's a strange kind of comfort - so I wanted something new to do that wouldn't be physically taxing. So far, apart from the inevitable teenage sniggers, it's been good. Better than good. I went to fashion college, I LIKE making things with my hands. What I forget sometimes is how much I NEED to do it. It's as if my hands remember how to do things all on their own, and that's amazingly reassuring. Like growing vegetables and making soup.

Anyway, I will keep you posted with the progress of the socks.


Caroline said...

Please knit me a pair of socks. Really.
I have the coldest feet in the world. Please. And if you could connect them in some way ... like mittens on string, so that the string would go up my pj leg and I wouldn't lose them (!)

Were you taking orders?

ps. Hope you're feeling less blue soon.

Nik's Blog said...


I'd buy some.

Hope you're feeling better. and soon.

HUGS and happy thoughts.

Nik xx

the blueblog said...

It is true.

you are so very cool ms. Salway

Sarah Salway said...

Caroline, I'm not taking orders but you shall have a pair of socks in your Christmas stocking this year - I promise, with strings.

Thanks, Nik - you always make me feel better.

And yes, Mr Blue. I AM that cool person people like you look up to.

Alex said...

How about one of these?

Sarah Salway said...

Alex, that is so definitely the next thing on my knitting list.

Kathryn said...

I can't knit but I do make a lot of soup and we're hoping to buy a greenhouse to grow vegetables. It would be easier to open a tin of soup and sometimes it feels like a chore when I'm in a rush. To make matters worse, I'm often the only one in the family who eats it. So why do I do it? Because it makes me feel better.

I hope you do too, soon.
Happy knitting!

Karen said...

Wonderful, Sarah, and what lovely colours. Keep posting your progress and I'll keep cheering you on!