Thursday, November 06, 2008

Warning, writer at large...

I used to be a freelancer for the Catholic newspaper, The Universe. Most of the jobs were wonderful, never let it be said that the Catholics don't know how to throw a party, and I got to meet many extraordinary people. My funniest moment though was when I went up to get a quote from a visiting Cardinal. 'I'm Sarah from the Universe', I said and he just stood there looking at me. 'So are we all, dear,' he said eventually. 'So are we all.'

It was clear that he'd never heard of the newspaper and thought I was just announcing my general presence in the world. Ho hum.

But now I'm very proud to say that I really am roaming the universe through my new position as Editor at Large for the very wonderful Canadian style pair, Carrie and Danielle. I want to write more about what they do later because it's very clever and I believe in it, but for now, do look at their website - It's full of good information on personal development, creativity and, well, just being human and having fun really. One of my first articles is up here - it's part of a series of creative writing exercises I'm planning. If you write something from it that you'd like to share, then do leave it in the comments over there. Or indeed here. I'd like to see it.

And it seems like this is my day, because an article I wrote for Pyschologies magazine is on the shelves today. It's about the 29 day giving challenge I took part on earlier in the year. It makes me feel a bit guilty because I actually got far more from the challenge than I think I gave, but if you want to try your own, you can find out more here.


jem said...

Great piece over at Carrie and Danielle. I think its always inspiring to look really closely at even the most dull things. Scrutiny and persistence often throw up little sparkles we never knew were there.

I once spent the best part of a day taking detailed notes on my father making crispy aromatic duck. It was for a writing task and I thought it was all a bit pointless when I started, but once I got into it I loved it. I can still picture the little stars of anise scattered on the chopping board.

Sarah Salway said...

Thanks, Jem. I love the idea of watching your dad cook - it's all in the details, isn't it?