Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lists, lists, lists

I'm rather mortified that two people arrived at my blog yesterday after googling 'crap lists for 2008', and only slightly mollified that they didn't really mean me because I haven't published any lists yet.

Hmmm.... time to put that right.

I'm going to wait for the CDs promised in the Great Salway Anti-Giveaway Promotion, (and if you haven't sent me one yet, there's still time...) before I publish my music finds for 2008, although I know any list of my music passions would now have to include the Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver. ***

However, I have two other lists I'm currently compiling, and need help on.

Number One is TV detectives with successful love lives. I'm hooked on Wallander, but as soon as I saw Kenneth Brannagh smile during his blind date last Sunday night I knew his new best friend was trouble. It rather spoilt the rest of the programme for me, not least because I couldn't help wondering if sexual frustration is taught at the Detective Plot School. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at that particular Christmas party!

Number Two list contains films fitting the unlikely - apparently official - genre of Transport Horror. It seems it has a section all to itself. So far I've come up with Snakes on Planes, Speed, Alien, but there must be many many more.

Good game, eh? And it involves absolutely no glasses of water in faces. See Alex, I can play nicely when I try.

*** ps I was just enjoying a satisfying few minutes watching both You Tube videos above before I came to a startling conclusion. Maybe I only like musicians with beards? Now that would be a CD compilation I'd like to hear...


jem said...

Transport Horror suggestion - 'Creep' nastiness in The Underground.

Alex said...

Transport Horror - Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise. Horrific from beginning to end.

Loved up private eyes - how about The Thin Man (and rest of series), Nick and Nora Charles played by the very debonair William Powell and the frankly scrumptious Myrna Loy.

Clare said...

Successful love lives:

Chief Inspector Japp in the Poirot books appears happily married
Lord Peter Wimsey
And didn't Agatha Christie do a sleuthing couple called Tom and Topsy Bedford (or something equally nauseating?

bob said...

TV detectives with main squeezes:

* MacMillan and Wife
* Hart to Hart
* Columbo (but you never saw Mrs. till she got her own show)
* Kima on The Wire had a girlfriend for the first couple seasons

transport horror (really more like thrillers; Speed's not really horror unless you count Keanu's performance)

* Red Eye (Rachel McAdams rocks)
* Flightplan
* Airport

Alex said...

Falco isn't on the TV is he? Or is he? But is on the radio.

Sarah Salway said...

Tom and Topsy Bedford??? I think I'm in bliss.
But I was obviously wrong. Those TV detectives are busy busy people - there was I thinking they were spending their time sleuthing. There's also Taggart's wife - remember her? She was in a wheelchair and she actually wrote a book about sex, which I remember being really embarrasing. I think I was over-identifying with Taggart as a father figure. Or have I made this whole thing up?

Clare said...

Oh, TV detectives... sorry. Scrub Falco. And I don't think the hypothetical Beresfords ever got their own show, either.

Dave said...

Christine and Duel for Transport Horrors. Gosh, I'm clever, aren't I?