Sunday, November 15, 2009


CONFESSION of the week - I have a selection of poetry books by my loo but I'm not going to name them in case I get chucked out of the poetic community before I've even got my foot over that hallowed doorway. I put it down to having the wonderful, Verse and Worse* anthology always in the bathroom when I was growing up. However, I'm loving this guest post on the Me and My Big Mouth blog by Phil Norman, author of the Closet Reading - 500 years of British Humour, a book that sounds as if it's definitely one for the Christmas list.

*ps - best Amazon review ever for V&W? There are an awful lot of poems where the humour depends on finding a Chinese or Dutch accent hilarious. From a Mrs L R Fisher. And I don't know why I should find her review so funny. But I do. I suspect Mrs L R Fisher would not approve.

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