Thursday, February 08, 2007

John Donne Event

English PEN presents

John Donne’s Survival Guide, with John Stubbs, Ruth Padel and Harriet Walter

Tuesday 20 February, 7pm

In his acclaimed new biography, Donne: The Reformed Soul, John Stubbs paints a compelling portrait of an extraordinary man. John Donne did his utmost to stay on the right side of the authorities, even censoring his own work. But his writing tells a different story. His poetry lays down rules only to transgress them, doing battle with a succession of imagined ‘authorities’ who have a claim on his conscience or integrity. Poet and columnist Ruth Padel will be interviewing John Stubbs, and award-winning actress Harriet Walter will read from Donne’s poems.

Time: 7.00pm
Tickets: £5.00 PEN Members / £7.00 non-members (includes a glass of wine after the talk)
Venue: The Guardian Newsroom, 60 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3GA
How to book: Call 020 7713 0023 or visit


Kristen In London said...

This sounds wonderful! I just went to a celebration at the Park Lane Hotel for its 80th anniversary, and Harriet Walter and Edward Petherbridge read aloud from Dorothy L. Sayers. Simply divine. I will definitely get a ticket to this event.

Please visit my blog too! If you search for Edward Petherbridge you'll come a post about the hotel event. I love your writing, so please keep it up.

Sarah Salway said...

Oh, I'll see you there then, Kirsten in London! Nice to see you here.

Kristen In London said...

I'll be wearing an orange vest; if you see me, say "hi!"

Sarah Salway said...

I didn't go in the end, Kirsten, as I wasn't well, but would love to hear how it was.