Monday, January 04, 2010

BAIT - A Snap

There’s this man at work I like. Everyone else is too busy, but since my husband died, he’s been particularly kind. It’s nice to have a man to talk to about finance and things. He tells me he’ll help with my investments. I’m so grateful. Can’t tell you the relief.

(To those who have just stumbled on this blog, welcome! And a reminder that my 'snaps' are 50 word stories accompanied by photographs. It's part of a different way of looking at things. A working practice I try to incorporate into my day to day life. You can read more here.)


Ann Elle Altman said...

What a great idea. Is this story true? Does it have to be true?

Myself, I was so used to writing novels that taking a stab at different types of writing (poetry, flash fiction, short stories) scared me, I felt out of my element. However, since I began, my writing has improved by trying different genres and types.


Kathryn's Daily Writing Workout said...

They say that you'll fall in love when you're least expecting it. When you're not looking. Out of the blue. Georgio's deep, pitted eyes stabbed Alice in the back. He swallowed her up whole. During the autopsy of the relationship, Alice was identified by the stories Georgio had given her.

Sarah Salway said...

thanks, Ann Elle - nope not true (or at least not for me, I'm guessing it probably and sadly is somehwere!)
And yes, I like to try all sorts of different genres - amazing how you start to see connections.
Lovely as usual, Kathryn. x

Star said...

Teresa watched warily as the shark closed in, flashing bright white teeth in what was supposed to be a friendly smile. This one had an arrogant gait to accompany keen brown eyes that ripped right through her. She had been through this before and steeled herself for the coming onslaught.

Sarah Salway said...

Love this, Star.