Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ay, ay, ay... how could I have forgotten Breaking the Waves from my list of top Seven films? I don't think I breathed once during the whole time I was in the cinema watching it, and even now, on DVD, it still has a powerful effect on me. There are bits I could do without - Emily Watson not blinking got on my nerves, and the end was just TOO sick-making - but these are petty things compared to how I felt that film in my whole body, and not just my mind. I think I went into shock. Perhaps it's what most of us actually think we want when we're so deeply in love - to be able to hurt ourselves for the other person just to prove we really care that much. (Luckily, that stage quickly passes over to wanting to hurt them for not making a cup of tea properly etc etc etc). Anyway, thanks to Debra for reminding me, by putting it on her list. Actually another thing I'd forgotten about Breaking the Waves was the sign in the foyer of the cinema in Edinburgh, which was that the handheld camera used in the filming could induce sea-sickness and if so, film-goers could claim their money back!

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