Tuesday, February 07, 2006

There's a very good reason why I don't share my dreams, and it has nothing to do with modesty. They really ARE boring, full of looming deadlines, reports and filing. The only celeb who has ever appeared was Paul Gascoigne (?!) and even then we looked at agendas together, before watching some football. Bit of a relief really when I woke up. Although once I did have a nice hairdo in my dream. Trouble was by the time I got to the hairdressers, I couldn't remember what it looked like.

What I do know though is that CDbaby is possibly the best place ever to buy music from. Thanks to Clare for the link. Not only can you listen to the music on your computer beforehand, get recommendations for whatever possible mood you might be in, and be given a good laugh with their order and delivery emails, I had the pleasure of receiving an email recently from one of the artists to thank me for buying her CD. Just imagine Robbie doing that. I had clicked on Stacy Jagger's CD without thinking too much, and then knew immediately this was music I wanted to listen to again and again. So it was really exciting for me, to see her name in my inbox. We've corresponded a little since, and she sent me an essay she'd written last night which proves that she is pretty perfect and talented. This is what I love most of all about the internet, when it turns into one big anarchic artists colony with the links between strangers going on and on.

And my writing prompt comes from the title of one of Stacy's songs - Take Me There.

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Stacy Jagger said...

Hey girl. Fabulous writing. Keep at it!

--Stacy Jagger