Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We are just back from a short holiday to Stockholm, where it snowed so whitely and perfectly on the little cobbled streets, it was like being in one of those snowglobes you shake up. We drank hot chocolate in little cafes lit by candles, went ice skating (the couple skating in the photo above were dancing so beautifully and romantically it made me want to cry) and all of us fell in love with Swedish women, who don't seem to have been told that you need to be invisible and dull after the age of fifty. They were so funny and intelligent and ... well, just sexily alive.
The strange photo at the bottom is the view from the ground floor up the winding stairway of our hotel. It was right in the old town, and full of shipping oddities. Perhaps not surprising given that Stockholm consists of 14 islands, something I didn't know before going.

I read The Accidental by Ali Smith on holiday - a whole book, just like that, and with no theory. Bliss. I was breathless with how much she leaves out, and how much she could, because she trusts the reader. Also breathless at seeing a writer coming into her prime - can't wait to see what she does next.

And my writing prompt for today is ... an old photograph I've never seen.


Myfanwy Collins said...

I love these photos. I looked at the stair one for a while until I figured it out and then I read what you wrote about it.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Myf. Don't know if you used to have this childhood game too - when you took a photograph of an everyday item, such as a cheese grater or something, but taken from a very odd angle and you had to guess what it was? We used to love this - easily entertained I think now!!