Monday, December 18, 2006

"All my life I've looked at words as though I were seeing them for the first time." Ernest Hemingway

I get excited every new year waiting for that newspaper article about the new words that have made it into the dictionary - not least because it's a great opportunity to get annoyed. One of the new words I hate, hate, hate but use to my shame in teaching is 'workshop' as a verb, ie 'we'll be workshopping..', but here are some Vogue magazine have already picked out as vital for the way we live now:

Jonesing - wanting what she's got (would have thought this might be 'Ryaning')
Standard - very cool (eh, sorry but I don't get that one)
Chiclets - over-bleached teeth (aren't they the worst?)
Blooples - the outward manifestation of cellulite (moving swiftly on)
Scarecut - bad haircut (just growing out of one of those)
Boydourves - junk men eat when women aren't around (as opposed to?)
Squarbler - that which you bleach to render invisible,
and my personal favourite:
Smirting - flirting while smoking outside.

Any other suggestions?

(ps those are my thoughts in brackets - ie I've been bracketing)


patricia said...

This one's kinda lame, but here it goes:

The opposite of tummy tuck:
TummyStuck: That little blob of fat you get on your tummy after the Christmas Holidays which impedes your ability to zip up your favourite jeans.

Sarah said...

Oh, but my little blob's there already and the holidays haven't started yet - what's that: 'Tummystillstuck'?! Here's another - helicopter parenting: parents who have hovered over their children's lives from kindergarten to college.