Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm actually quite a sorted person (so sue me, I'm a Virgo!) and luckily Christmas doesn't throw me into the panic it seems to be driving other people towards. Of course the downside of this is my lists. Hundreds and hundreds of lists. I've got lists on everything - the exact minutes I have to put turkey and other stuff in the oven, presents to give, presents to get (I wish), games, Christmas cards etc etc etc. You can imagine, therefore, how much joy New Year gives me. We keep an old diary - given to us in 2000 - in which we all now annually write our New Year Resolutions while chortling over how many from last year we haven't achieved. We (husband, me and kids) give one resolution for ourselves and one for each other, with the only stipulation that they have to be reasonably do-able. What's interesting is that it's the ones we make for ourselves that seem to be the hardest. What's going on there? Run a marathon, I 'gave' myself in 2003, hahahahahahaha! Anyway, mine this year is to follow the weekly tutorials to be given by one of my heroes, Nicholas Bate on his blog. Here's today's tutorial (or at least I think it's today - some of my first goals are a) to find out exactly which day he posts this tutorial and b) to find out exactly what the Premium Consultancy I'm going to be starting in w/c 15 January actually is. Might have to skip that one!)

What do you want for 2007? What would make it your best year yet?
Think about your career: write it down.
Think about your health: write it down.
Think about your finances: write it down.
Think about your realtionships: write it down.
Think about your fun: write it down.
Think about your contribution/give back: write it down.

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