Thursday, December 21, 2006

To my shame, I can't remember the exact web-route that took me to finding the website of artists, Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger, but what a stunning find! Browsing through their archive has been like the best possible Christmas present - oh, but to see their work in the flesh and not just via the internet. The photograph above is of one of their commissions - Soul warmer at the Abbey Library of St.Gall, 2005. This is how the description starts:

For a long time, the library was able to capture the emotions of stunned visitors. Some emotions remained stuck to the grilles in front of the books, or trickled away down the gaps in the parquet flooring, where they groaned and wished the whole day long whenever visitors glided over them wearing their felt slippers. More oohs and aahs that emanated from the stream of visitors hid in the ornate lettering in old-fashioned script used for the first letter of every page. Soon after, though (that is to say, 200 years ago), such books were all taken up, and there was space for the virginal oohs and aahs only in the printed matter.

The work itself represents what happens when all these emotions work themselves free...

...and that has inspired my writing prompt for today which is to: write about an emotion that has got stuck physically in a building.


Karen Howlett said...

Sarah, you've been 'tagged' ! I hope you don't mind - have a look at my site (see "Tagging along" 22/12/06) for the 'rules' and follow on if you care to.
All good wishes,

Anonymous said...

SArah, I think this is a brilliant prompt.