Sunday, March 25, 2007


Random thoughts from Whitstable today:

* Sitting in the restaurant window and seeing the small boy on rollerskates being towed along the road by a Jack Russell

* Having lunch and arguing about whether it was really 11 o'clock or 1 o'clock because of the time change, and then deciding it didn't matter anyway

* Trying to work out from a distance whether that strip of grey was the sea, or just a darker strip of grey sky

* The hut for let with 'Nice one' written under the notice

* Hot chocolate sitting on a sofa looking straight out to sea

* How nearly everyone looked as if they were from London, and wondering if we did or not, and then deciding it didn't matter anyway

* Noticing everyone's noses today. Do we pick on a different part of the body to notice every day?

* Praying my book wasn't in the remainder bookshop, but then when it wasn't, feeling slightly disappointed

* Seeing all the children with stabilisers on their bicycles zooming along the sea path and remembering the day mine were taken off, and how I didn't like it, but had to pretend I did because everyone else seemed much more excited than me

* Lightshades like sea creatures in a shop window

* Suddenly wanting to punch the smug second-home owner in the face because his children had silly names and having to walk fast so I wouldn't

* The size of squid's eyes

* Seeing the canoes being prepared for the Summer, and wondering about the difference between canoeing on the sea and on the river

* Inventing a game of throwing stones at F's prone body and trying to hit the buttons on his coat. Putting my hand down, picking up a stone with a perfect hole in the middle, and getting a shiver of joy

* The man coming out of a £50 cash casino and not being able to make out whether he'd won or not, and then deciding it didn't matter anyway

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Jan said...

Think I'll pick on the "slope of shoulders" tomorrow...or the set of shoulders, the hunch of them, the shrug...Interesting thoughts her. I may well come back after " Coronastion ST"..!!