Monday, April 02, 2007

Never too late

So what's your excuse? Harry Bernstein's 96, and he's just written his first book, and is already nearly finished his second. Apparently:

Bernstein cranks out his pages on a typewriter in his bedroom, saying that the computer nearby is too complicated for anything more than checking his e-mail. And at his age, he allows himself a certain latitude in the writing process, meaning that instead of worrying about deadlines he just writes until he doesn't feel like writing anymore.

"I've been trained to finish something you start, don't leave anything undone," he says. "I just feel I'm not satisfied until I finish what I start. And I will not be satisfied until I start something new."

My writing prompt for today: The thing I've always wanted to do.


Jan said...

Amazing guy!

Debi said...

That's brilliant!

And I've just seen a photo in a mag of a 92 yr old woman doing her first bungee jump.

My dad's 92 too. He goes to hospital twice a week - not as a patient but as a volunteer in the A&E dept.

What's out excuse indeed ...

Debi said...

(sorry - 'our' not 'out')