Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shameless Showing Off

A spring in my step today after reading a lovely two page review of my short story collection, Leading the Dance, in the Irish literary magazine, The Stinging Fly. I particularly liked the comment, 'One of Salway's gifts is her control of the precise language used to tell these stories, while always maintaining a gleeful undercurrent of mania', and also, 'Salway is fearless in her choice of subjects: she is good on contemporary themes of love, betrayal and twenty-first century isolation, as well as sensuality and violence.' But best of all, 'This is energetic writing, ripe with menace and wit...' In face, I like the last one so much I'm considering a t-shirt with the words 'Ripe with menace' printed on it. Although I might also get ones with the slogans 'Salway is fearless' and 'a gleeful undercurrent of mania' printed on them too.

And then I think I'm going to wear all three when I visit my local branch of Waterstones which I've supported and where I've spent a fortune over the last few years but who have just refused me a reading because I'm 'not famous enough'...


Kathmcg said...

Well done Sarah! Wear those t-shirts this weekend, do!

Vanessa G said...

Hi Sarah

I've just found your blog... it's lovely!

'Not famous enough'? Hmmm. What criteria do they use?

But that's also a lovely tee shirt slogan...

"Not famous enough, yet...I'm working on it."

best, happy writing and teaching,