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Don't Forget Burma

Britney or Burma? I've just opened this email (below) from a Burmese friend:

Hi all

Dan and I and some friends went to the London rally in support of the monks and people of Burma yesterday. There was a small but significant number of us - 1500 people.The monks threw rose petals into the Thames in remembrance of those who have died and are suffering in Burma - a moving image.

30,000 people attend a Man United football match, a team beloved by the Burmese. The parents of Madeleine McCann had extensive worldwide coverage of their tragedy. Tens of thousands of children, women and young men and old are repressed, intimidated and thousands have died in Burma. The news reports in the UK are about Britney Spears or the non-event of a general election - don't forget the people of Burma. You can help in small ways see below. If you are on Facebook - please spread the message.

Heartfelt thanks


Your message GLOBAL ROAR was FWDed to 200 or more young Burmese expatriates around the world, urging them to to distribute it to their friends and contacts.
Below is another great idea to let the Beijing government know many hundreds of people refuse to buy Beijing Olympics 2008 tickets. A friend passed the message to me.
Subject: Help Burma
Dear all,

I am contacting my friends, family, and beyond, because I feel we need to
show solidarity and support each other during these critical times. Never
before have I seen so much international interest and awareness in the
situation in Burma. For perhaps the first time in nearly half a century of
oppression by the brutal dictatorship, the Burmese people have got the
world listening. That fills me with some hope, because it is through this
global action that I believe change can be made.

I know the events are very emotive, but at present I think we must try to
compose ourselves and avoid acting on our anger, as this could actually
compromise the safety of those we love in Burma, despite the best of our

This doesn't mean we can't make a difference. I thought you might like to
know about a movement that my friends and I are involved in. If you like
this idea, please pass it on, post it on a blog, or share it on Facebook.
Only if people are aware can they influence change. Please see the
remainder of this email for details.


If everybody we know emails a request (not for tickets, but for China's
action for Burma) to, it will significantly
slow down Olympics ticket sales and call China's attention to the
matter. China may ignore protests, hunger strikes, petitions,
wearing-red shirts, etc. But China cannot ignore these emails, which get
in the way of processing Olympics ticket requests.

Please see the template at the bottom. Please also pledge to send the
same email every 6 hours, or every time you check your email. If they
get tens of thousands of email a day, they will have to do something
about it.

"The consensus around the European Parliament is that China is the key.
China is the puppet master of Burma. The Olympics is the only real lever
we have to make China act. The civilised world must seriously consider
shunning China by using the Beijing Olympics to send the clear message
that such abuses of human rights are not acceptable."
- Vice president of the European Parliament Edward McMillan-Scott.

China should use its leverage to bring reconciliation and peace in
Burma . However, it recently vetoed a Security Council resolution on
Burma . Yet with the threat of Olympics boycott, China has yielded
significantly to condemn Sudan's genocidal regime.

Please note that this action is NOT an actual boycott. If you have
questions about the topic of Olympics boycott, please read attached notes.


Send to * *every 6 hours, or every time you
check your email.

Subject: re: tickets

Dear Sirs,

I am very interested in purchasing tickets to some of the events at next
year's Olympic Games.

However I cannot, in good conscience, attend the Bejing Olympics unless
your government uses its influence to improve the political situation in
Burma . China has substantial economic interests in the country, provides
large amounts of economic aid, and invests heavily in infrastructure
projects there. Additionally, your government provides extensive
logistical support to Burma 's military government. All this make China
uniquely placed to influence it.

The people of Burma have, in a very peaceful manner, insisted that their
rights be respected. I ask no more of your government than that it cease
its support for the current regime, and encourage a dialogue with the
democratically elected representatives of the Burmese nation.

I, the Burmese people, and the world would be grateful for your
assistance in this matter. Your courage will go a long way towards
making the 2008 Olympics a success.

With sincere thanks,
(your name)

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Anonymous said...

I am writing to you to ask for a favor, I would like to request for you to post this new campaign on your blog and have you also participate as well. I hope this is not too much trouble for you. We created this site because we wanted a space where normal people could show that although the media spotlight over Burma may have dimmed, we are still thinking of Burma.

The team that runs this site came together through the "Support the Monks' Protest in Burma " Facebook group (439,000 members) and has created the website .

We're a team of activists from around the world that work around the clock on our sites, we were key to coordinating the Global Day of Action for Burma on October 6th 2007 and Aung Sang Suu Kyi day (October 24th 2007).

We'd like to thank our launch partners who have helped make this project work., they are: Burma Campaign UK, The US Campaign for Burma,, the European Burma Network and .

About Burma

Burma is ruled by one of the most brutal military dictatorships in the world; a dictatorship charged by the United Nations with a "crime against humanity" for its systematic abuses of human rights, and condemned internationally for refusing to transfer power to the legally elected Government of the country – the party led by Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

In September 2007 monks led thousands of peaceful protestors onto the streets of Burma. The Burmese military put this peaceful uprising down with ruthless brutality routinely using violence and torture against the protestors, even the monks. The people of Burma have lived under military dictatorship for 45 years. The last peaceful uprising that occurred in1988 was brutally put down by the army killing at least 3,000 people. However the West didn't act because very little news came out of Burma. This time is different, we know people have been tortured, we know hundreds and possibly thousands of people have been murdered by the regime in an attempt to put down the uprising.

To make sure the world doesn't forget get active, submit a photo of support to this site, join the Facebook group and find a local activist organisation via