Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a line up!

A fantastic evening last night at the 25th poetry reading for The Frogmore Papers. Highlights for me included Caroline Price's new poem, 'The Boy who Laid an Egg', the very beautiful and elegant Gregory Warren Wilson describing how he attended a vegetable carving demonstration on a cruise ship, all of Tammy Yoseloff's reading, but, most of all perhaps, Catherine Smith's surprising observation during her reading about how we hadn't had many poems about sadomachosism yet that evening. I have never before snorted at a poetry reading.

No, I'm lying (although not about the snorting). Best of all was reading Catherine's new collection, LIP, on the tube home and finding I was acknowledged at the front. I'm made up - this is a fantastic book (not that I'm biased, of course).


the blueblog said...

God knows I hate to admit it, but when you told me months ago it was one of the best you'd read in years, I thought you were kidding. But it is.. Though maybe not quite enough S&M

Catherine said...

Thanks Sarah, and it was a lovely snort. Elegant and understated with just a dash of wickedness.xxx