Sunday, October 07, 2007


I haven't put up many reviews or comments about my books up here but I have been persuaded I should, and this one I came across yesterday for Leading the Dance has given me enormous pleasure. Looks a good website too, and one I'll definitely be visiting again.

"A no-holds-barred compilation of extraordinary accounts of everyday occurrences.
Salway's concise yet graphically detailed style of recording ordinary people struggling with their mundane lives (particularly when that mundane life is suddenly thrust into unknown and unforeseen events) is captivating, heartbreaking and occasionally salacious.
My personal favourites are "Every Time You Open Your Eyes", "Jesus and the Aubergines" and "The Woman Downstairs"... although the brutal honesty of her characters could quite easily inspire, endear or simply titillate any of you.
You will find your own personal favourite in this collection of the most intimate foray into other people's lives.
Quite extraordinary and highly recommended."

I love the idea of combining all my reviews and turning into a 'no-holds- barred Princess'...

Mind you I've also been lucky enough to have these recent comments from Neil Gaiman (I know I've put it up before but you probably could have no idea how PROUD I am of this), this one from Nik Perring, author of the excellent (just ask Meg and Sam) book, I met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do?, as well as this notice from the Man himself, Scott Pack.

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