Thursday, November 22, 2007

Books in Venice

I'm just back from a fantastic few days in Venice. Not sure my slow slow slow campaign worked, although a night time gondola ride was just the right pace for me. I could live like that. I'm still processing all the highlights but here's definitely one of them, which was finding a shop which made books into pieces of art.

Jeckyll and Hyde looks distinctively frightening:

Whereas The Lord of the Rings has a real hobbit-like feel to it, as if you would be reading private diaries:

But my favourite was definitely Treasure Island. How magical does this look? It feels like you, as reader, will be taking part in the adventure before you even open the first page:

Mind you, at those prices perhaps it was a good thing the shop was shut, although I did get a sneak look inside. It was like something out of Harry Potter in there...


Nik's Blog said...

Ooh Treasure Island looks FAB!

Hope much writing was done and inspiration was plentiful.


Shameless said...

Wow. Shame I never saw this when I was there recently! :-)

Anonymous said...

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