Friday, November 23, 2007

Fish in Venice

No, not in the canals - or not that we saw, and we did look pretty closely. Here's the bottom of one canal, for instance. Takes some of the romance away, doesn't it?

But the true earthy (or sea-y) romance of Venice was still very much present at the Rialto market, where we had some of the best hot chocolate of my life. Just a cup of melted chocolate as far as we could tell, and thick enough to stand a spoon up in it.

And saw every kind of fish you could imagine.

Which made me sad all over again about how few fresh fish shops we have in Britain now. Anyone else remember being taken to Macfisheries when they were a kid? Although now, I have to admit, I wouldn't know what to do with half the varieties on sale at the market.

Apart from just gasp at how beautiful some were.

And my writing prompt today is ... Meeting your soulmate in a fish shop.


Freya said...

Shouldn't that be "solemate"?

wormauld said...

I love the photography but the actual sight of the fish confirmed my dislike of eating them.
I discovered you via Scott Pack and I really love your blog. Now I must buy one of your books. Hopefully someone will give me a token at Xmas. I'm a pensioner and this time of year nearly every penny goes on gas and electricity and I have the temp set at 18 and wear lots of clothes. C'est la vie in modern Britain.
Everyone I know who has been to Venice finds it magical.

Shameless said...

Haha. Atypical photos!Way to go. :-)

Leigh said...

Here's the bottom of one canal...

What? No shopping trolleys?

Sarah said...

Hah, Freya. You've got to write it now!
Nice to see you here, wormauld - via Scott Pack is a pretty good way to find me. Venice was magical and empty too - which I gather was pretty unusual. I would be honoured to be your token choice! And no, Leigh, no shopping trolleys at all. In fact I don't remember seeing anything on wheels!
Shameless, thank you - and I stumbled on the bookshop too. I would have loved to have gone in and seen some of the books close up.