Wednesday, November 28, 2007


... have I not heard of Denis Johnson before. He's brilliant, and he's written lots. Yippee, I feel Christmas has come early.


Chris Hoskins said...

Dear Sarah and Lynne
I hope you'll forgive a joint email but I'm writing a few lines to say a huge thank you to you both for setting up the 'your messages' project. Unfortunately I've only been able to take part for the last five days, due to having some horrible bug, followed by bronchitis! However the five days have been so interesting. I've really enjoyed the experience and the challenge of writing every day to a set subject and criteria. That's been very rewarding! It's been amazing too, to read all the contributions made by other writers. I've found some of the pieces very moving and it makes me realise how lucky we, as writers are, to be able to share these special talents.

Thank you again to you both!!
With all good wishes
Chris Hoskins

Sarah said...

Thanks so much, Chris. Hope you're feeling better now - and weren't the other contributions wonderful. A real privilege to read them.