Friday, February 29, 2008

The next Thing

It's come! My next edition of The Thing Quarterly. Although this wasn't quite what I was expecting ....

More confusing still was the fact that I didn't understand a word of what the hat, or the letter accompanying it, said. I was interested in my reaction, I was actually a bit frightened and annoyed at that not knowing.

But luckily the mystery is solved here.

Kota Ezawa’s Thing is all about translation. As the letter - addressed to me in Mandarin but translated on site - says about the artist:
"He focuses in on something and through a process of translation into different visual languages he shows the viewer something new in something that he or she has most likely seen many times before."

And, apparently, rather than worrying about whether people will be pointing and laughing at the rude slogan on my hat, I will be wearing instead the proud message 'The Thing Three' which I'm sure explains everything to everyone really, doesn't it? Hmmm... I need to think more about why I found this so disturbing at first. My mother always used to say I was the model Fen Girl and apparently we're notoriously bad at anything different and new, but even so.

Anyway, now I've sorted it all out, I never thought I'd be someone who wears a baseball hat, but it's on my head as I type and I don't intend to take it off for the rest of the day.


jem said...

As you say, very interesting to note your reaction. And its certainly achieved something in that fact that you had one.

I think I would be the same as you - frustrated, intrigued, puzzled, feeling I was missing out on something. It shows how vital language and quick understanding is to us.

Sarah Charsley: said...

Hi Sarah

After reading about The Thing Quarterly on one of your previous posts I was so tempted to subscribe, it sounds soooo exciting. Unfortunately finances didn't permit and so I've been waiting for your third Thing to come through so I could find out what the next Thing was. I must admit I think I would have been a bit disappointed at my first Thing being incomprehensible, but I'm sure I would grow to love it, just as you already are. Besides, isn't it better to have someThing than noThing?


Sarah Salway said...

Yep, Jem, it made me think what it must be like not to be able to read. A friend of mine teaches adult literacy and one of his students has managed to hide it for years, but at what cost?

Sarah Salway said...

I know, Sarah, I gulped too, but I'm keeping all the packaging, and also notes about the two 'Things' I've received so far, so I have challenged myself that I'll earn the money back by writing about it! I love that someThing/noThing thought though ... and of course, with my hat I am now a walkingThing!!!!