Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Peony Paradise

Sometimes my life feels like a gift, especially when I have meetings - like yesterday's - which take place in gardens just when the peonies are in full perfect bloom.

I wish I could transport you all to Penshurst Place for a picnic with me today.

We'd sit on benches, drinking elderflower champagne and nibbling on cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

We'd have to stop talking sometimes because the bird song is so beautiful, and the bees so busy, and the smell so heavenly. And afterwards, when we've finished our slices of lemon cake, we can throw ourselves - rock star crowd-surfing style - on top of this peony bed. Just for fun.**

(**Don't worry, Penshurst Place police, we wouldn't really. Please don't bar me for life! It was those naughty blog readers who had the idea, not me. I promise. I tried to persuade them otherwise .... )


Fiona Robyn said...

I love peonies, especially when they get to that almost-bursting spherical bud phase. I've always wanted one and when we moved into our new cottage we found one hiding behind the gate. Fuschia pink and lovely.

Gemma Mortlock said...

How lovely!
Pretty pink peonies (alliteration in full swing there)
My mum has a large selection of peonies, i love them when they are almost about to die and they turn pastel pink and drop their petals all over the grass making a peony carpet, so soft underfoot. Ahhh the joys of spring.

Sarah Salway said...

Oh Fiona, that WAS like a present! How lucky.
And Gemma, yes, I spotted what you did with alliteration there ... Gemma's grammar-ish games..

Megan said...

a bed of peonies sounds perfect right now

roxanestoner said...

Love peonies too. I would have so much liked to have a picnic with you toasting to this moment of grace. Life can be so special sometimes.

BJM said...

How lovely! I related to your story because I also had the experience of enjoying wonderful perfume from flowers. The only difference was .. . I don't know where it was coming from! I was walking through our town square which is planted with Parks Dep't shrubs and flowers. Possibly it was oleander from somewhere!

Sandy K. said...

I love peonies...full and fragrant. My plan each year is to plant a bush or two...but it doesn't happen. Our soil is just not very good for growing things. What I also love is the description of your "meeting." Let me know next time and I'll take notes for you:).

sexy said...