Sunday, July 05, 2009

Picnics in Graveyards

Carrying on the cheery theme from the last story I posted here, I've been spookily pleased recently to see how many other people also enjoy picnics in graveyards. The only thing I wonder about is why I never meet them. But hey, I'm not complaining - nothing suits me better than an empty graveyard - empty that is, apart from the dead and all their stories.

Anyway, there's a good post up at a new blog find for me about exactly this, Been the Traveller, which has some of the weird kind of links I particularly enjoy.

What would you have on your gravestone? Nicholas asks.

Well hello, that's easy for me. I already have had mine designed for me by the amazing Neil Gaiman

"Never stopped believing"... that'll do me nicely.


Nik Perring said...

You know that makes equally jealous and happy ;)

And I very much like picnic in a graveyard as a title.

Clare said...

We went strolling in Woodbury Park Cemetary yesterday -- after househunting a couple of adjoining properties.

My response to the picture and dedication is: SQUEEEEEEEE.

Catherine said...

I went to a university which had an old graveyard alongside. We generally ate our lunch there. We used to say things like "meet you on the five nuns".

Sarah Salway said...

We obviously will have to have our own bloggers graveyard picnic one day soon -by the five nuns, Catherine??? And Clare, living next to a graveyard - that would be, er, interesting! Yep, Nik - might do something with that title. Something else that is!

Nicholas said...

I just wanted to say that this is such a cheery, bright site even death seems a happily jolly subject. And thank you for mentioning my own nowhere-near-as-good blog.