Friday, July 31, 2009

Teatime - a 50 word photo story

Jim thought there wasn’t much that couldn’t be made better by a nice cup of tea. Murder maybe. Or watching Carol Vorderman on the telly. So when the doctor gave him the results, all Jim could think of was where’s the kettle. Neither pointed out that it was too late.


Kathryn said...

Of course, a corkscrew is an absolute essential item in your holiday home. Although, when Brian arrived at this year's cottage, the first thing he looked for was the kettle. It made perfect sense to keep clear-headed and nimble-footed. It wasn't the same as being a paying guest was it?

Anonymous said...

Four twenty five. Meat cooking slowly on gas. Potatoes and carrots ready to add. Soup ready to heat up. Salads made. Dessert and cold drinks in fridge. Table laid. Time to shower and dress before adding the finishing touches. Laurence’s head appears. “You know it’s twenty five minutes past teatime?” ~Miriam