Tuesday, December 08, 2009


(Thanks to Michelle Lovric for nudging me towards this)


Kathleen Jones said...

Many, many thanks Sarah for posting this. Maurice Gee is a wonderful novelist, but I confess I only discovered him when my NZ publisher sent me copies of some of his books - inc. Plumb and Blind Sight. Why isn't he better known over here? He was published by Faber in the 1970s. It seems to me that a lot of good writing ends up not so much falling by the wayside, as becoming roadkill!
Kathleen Jones

Catherine said...

I loved this animation, and agree with Kathleen about Maurice Gee - Plumb really drew me in and he has written some excellent children's science fiction too.
A pity our broadband in NZ is so sucky as this keeps starting and stopping when I play it - I will have to try again at a less busy time of day and see if our broadband is faster.

Sarah Salway said...

Isn't it great? And I've just ordered Maurice Gee's Plumb - have to confess he wasn't on my radar before so double happy. Frightening how many novelists do somehow become roadkill (she says bitterly!)

Wendy said...

How wonderful is that? Loved it.