Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Serious Words - a Snap

Book – take a look, learn to cook, another road took, catch the crook, find a nook, follow the hook, feeling shook, never a schnook. Then there’s a flybook, a chapbook, a logbook, a workbook, a sketchbook, a handbook, a studbook, a scrapbook, a notebook. The never never ending book.

* Nothing Better

* Grounded

(And I had the lovely treat of being nominated for a Kreative Blogger Award by Essiegie this week, and I am referring back to my post here and dedicating this story to Essiegie as a thank you!)

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Kathryn's Daily Writing Workout said...

In times past, people eyes skirted respectfully over the dusty grain of the pages in books. They'd close them decisively and neatly, trapping the musty ink inside. Smugly, even. Now, their fingertips River Dance of their own accord over the keyboard and they will keep dancing until the music stops.