Thursday, December 29, 2005

A disadvantage of being a writer is how everyone always expects you to win word games or write witty comments in visitors books etc etc, and as I rarely can do either - going blank with the best of them - this is just to commemorate a famous Scrabble victory over my husband yesterday. Let me just repeat that score again - Sarah: 359, Francis: 223, cough, cough. I even managed a seven letter word - ok, ok, first one ever but still...

One of my resolutions for 2006 is to take a writing prompt for each day and write something, anything, from it. Today I'm starting early by working from a comment which comes from Toni Morrison's Beloved and is discussed in the book, Memory, Narrative, Identity by Nicola King - it's when Sethe warns her daughter Denver never to go back to where the tramatic event happened, because 'it's going to be always there waiting for you.' I find that idea of a place holding memories incredibly chilling and today's a good day to write a ghost story, or even a ghost poem.

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