Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm very excited - have been asked to guest-edit an issue of the excellent magazine around the issue of clothes. If anyone wants to submit anything, don't do it through me but here are the details...

3 Feb: the Clothes issue - Pulp Net, guest editor Sarah Salway
How people dress can be seen as a defence or an attack; a chance to show off or to blend in; to be colourful or neutral; to say who they are or to pretend to be someone different; for comfort or appearance; personal fashion or in-crowd identity.Stories wanted on all aspects of clothes and style to by February 3rd. Please send your story as an attachment to editor at, with ‘FAO Sarah’ in subject header. Please provide your address & phone number in your email but NOT in the attachment, to facilitate contact if your story is selected. Submissions close 10am London time on 3 Feb. The fee is £100.

Or you can look up here for the guidelines etc.

Meanwhile, Christmas moves apace. My daughter has a new green and red brace, and I've got a new name. Trumpy naughty-elf. I wonder if I could be one of the elves on Scott Mills's excellent Radio 1 show. He's been phoning naughty children pretending to be Santa and telling them to behave if they want presents. Today's child had eaten all the chocolates on THREE advent calendars and closed all the doors so no-one could tell. You go girl. Anyway, if the mood takes you, you can find your own Christmas name on here


Clare said...

Hi Sarah,

I know someone who did her PhD on this topic. I'll send her your blog address. We all had to fill in a clothes diary for a month or so and say why we chose what to wear that day, so I reckon she could write an interesting article on her findings.

Sarah said...

Please do - great Phd, btw. Wonder if it made you think more about what you wore though? Or did you just lie, and say you were slobbing around in your Prada and Gucci today?