Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Suddenly novel 2 is gearing up for action. I'm editing page proofs at the moment, and have just got a fab cover design from Bloomsbury. Very dark and will probably make small children cry, but I love it. I remember from Something Beginning With that this is a strange limbo time, when everything is gearing up for publication but nothing is actually happening (or on the outside anyway) - and because it all takes so long, I suspect some friends think the book is all a figment of my imagination anyway. What I have learnt from last time though is that life goes on just the same. There's a fantasy around becoming a published writer that is just that - a fantasy. I spent the launch day of SBW digging in chicken shit on my allotment and not one silver carriage turned up to take me anywhere. Will have to plan something equally practical for August 7th.

Meanwhile a celebrity has moved in to the house on the other side of the park from us. Even I have heard of him, so we're all very excited. Well, all the other middle-aged women around here are, anyway. I came back to tell the kids that he'd painted the walls of his sitting room magnolia. How do you know that? my son reasonably asked and I had to admit that a friend of mine had looked through the windows.

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