Saturday, December 31, 2005

For the last day of the year...

.. what I'm looking forward to - the book I've written with the poet Lynne Rees ( out in March from Bluechrome ( It's called Messages, and is 300 pieces of 300 words which we exchanged by email over a frenetic six month period. More about this later, but found a wonderful website Muse to Muse ( about two women who also found their creativity in partnership.

... what I'm watching - Hoop Dreams, a dvd my son got for Christmas. I keep having to leave the room because I'm crying.

... what I'm reading - Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking, published by 4th estate.

... what I'm eating - everything in sight. Diet starts tomorrow.

My resolutions...

a) To write something every day
b) To canoe with my friend Sue
c) To make myself take a risk every week.
d) To learn how to do links on this.

My writing prompt - at the swimming pool today, there was a man dancing in the water with his little daughter. I thought how sweet until I saw the almost jealous expression on the face of his wife who was also watching, and I caught myself wondering what would happen if he asked her to dance like that tonight at a new years eve party.


Myfanwy Collins said...

I just finished "The Year of Magical Thinking" last night--it tore me into several small pieces. I'm still not fully recovered.

And, Happy New Year to you.

Sarah said...

Thanks Myfanwy - am chuffed you stopped by. And I've put The Year of Magical Thinking to one side until I think I can cope with it a bit better. I gave it to myself as a Christmas present, but from your comments and what I've read so far, I need a bit more space than at the moment. I'm reading instead Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me go. It's wonderful - highly recommend it.
And a very happy new year to you ...

frida said...

I just found your blog and the great plug for Muse to Muse. My blog mate Georgia is now living in London! I'll send her the link to your site.