Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This photograph of a fish feeding frenzy is going to be my writing prompt for today. Just look at the size of those mouths. It was taken on the last day of a holiday in Marrakesh when we felt full up of all the usual tourist jaunts, so we asked a cab driver to take us to where no tourists went. He dropped us at the edge of what looked like a dusty concerete park, with no way we could see of getting home. OK, we thought, this is exactly what we asked for! The only thing that kept us going was the number of local families around, so we followed them and came to this pond full of people running round the edge shouting and laughing. Children were throwing bread in and having to be pulled back by parents because these fish were literally jumping out of the water to get the food. Across the other side from us was a small building and when we asked we were told that it had belonged to a member of the royal family a long time ago, who would bring his concubines there and throw them in the water the next morning if they didn't please him. Can't imagine what the fish would have made of that!


abhay k said...

Interesting Sight!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

hungry little devils aren't they