Monday, May 01, 2006

Two strong messages about just getting on with the writing today. First of all, a quote sent in an email:
"Inspiration is wonderful when it happens, but the writer must develop an approach for the rest of the time. The approach must involve getting something down on the page: something good, mediocre or even bad. It is essential to the writing process that we unlearn all those seductive high school maxims about waiting for inspiration. The wait is simply too long." --Leonard S. Bernstein
And secondly, an interview with novelist Matthew Sharpe in the current edition of Glimmer Train. Asked whether he thought it important to have a disciplined plan as a writer - writing every day etc, he replied:
"Oh yes. Otherwise I'd die. I think the more you show up at the computer or the writing pad, the more likely it is you will discover the inspiration. There's a nice metaphor, which I am going to mangle, from Mary Oliver, the poet, where she talks about this wild part of yourself that doesn't want to be tamed, but if you show up at the same place and time every day and you offer it your rigor, it will trust you more and it may be more likely to show up, too."

And my writing prompt for today is going to be ... discipline.


Zinnia said...

My inspiration is in high gear right now, but finding the time to write had been a real dilemma. (Hi there! I'm one of ME Ellis' buddies.)

Sarah said...

Yep, co-inciding time and inspiration is the hard one, Zinnia!

gert69 said...

I need to get away for a while into a far away Caribbean island, dive into a state of total bliss...found a site that could be the perfect escape:

I`ll be back in full throttle to write my memoirs.