Friday, June 13, 2008

The Booker at the Movies

There's a series of films put on at the ICA in London this month which features films made from Booker nominated novels. The films will take place on Sunday afternoons and are followed by a Q and A discussion with those involved. The ICA say:
In total, 39 winning and shortlisted Booker books have been made into films or are currently in production; but does a good book necessarily make a good film or is something inevitably lost in translation?


Kathryn said...

I recently watched The No1 Ladies Detective Agency on television as I'm a big fan of Alexander McCall-Smith's novels. Strangely, it was exactly how I'd imagined it from having read the book which made me feel like someone had got inside my head which was rather weird to say the least. I'm no sure if this was because of the vivid images portrayed in the book or pure coincidence.

Sarah Salway said...

But I found the same, Kathryn, so didn't stay watching until the end. I'd already 'seen' it all in the book. Very weird - as you say.