Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spreading the gossip...

I've been resisting doing it.

Not because it made me laugh, and my jokes often don't make other people laugh. I've noticed that.

But I can't any longer. Look. Here's the entrance to the last weeks prizegiving for the Orange Book prizes. And look who is bustling about on the red carpet...

It's none other than the fully clothed Gok Wan, star of How to Look Good Naked. After we'd seen that, my friend and I spent a happy hour discussing which of the Orange shortlisted authors was going to appear on the programme. Perhaps one of them would even pick up their prize, resplendent in their nakedness and capturing the kind of coverage not normally given to literary prizes. We imagined a scenario where it was a requirement of any literary success that you had to look good, be the type of larger than life reality tv personality everyone could relate to. Indeed, when to be a personality was perhaps more important than being a writer.

But by that stage, it didn't seem all that funny any more.

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