Thursday, June 05, 2008

Free cupcakes...

I have delegated one of my 'give away' days to David Horvitz because he has a really really good website on which he is selling many things you didn't know you wanted until you see them offered.

I bought him giving away the cupcakes above. Apparently people enjoyed them a lot. This is what he says on his website about it:

Sarah Salway purchased the giving away of cupcakes from Sugar Sweet and Sunshine on June 4, 2008 from 2:49 - 2:58pm. The first was given away to a man selling flowers on Ave A, and the last were given away to people in Thompson Square Park.

Not all of the things David's selling involve icing and sweet things. You can buy a picture of the sky, or an envelope filled with a star sand from a small Okinawan island called Taketomi, which David will visit for you.

The world needs more strangeness like this, that's for sure.

(ps - I googled the Sugar Sweet and Sunshine bakery and think it's this one here in New York. For a thousand pounds I will visit it for you and eat every single one of those cupcakes on their website. Yum. Even the pistacho ones.)

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