Friday, July 18, 2008

The Shopping Trolley Appreciation Society

Well, things are going much better than expected. We now have twelve members (four of whom are men) and some of these have even joined without being threatened with violence.

The coloured membership card has gone to our new leader, Hilary, who I don't mind stepping down for because any gang that has her in it will be the coolest group in history.

My dad is the deputy chairman and official speech maker (yay, nepotism rules).

Anonymous Bosch has gone straight into number one member spot with this wonderful photo essay

Anne is our design chief.

Cathy wins the brightest trolley prize (hers is fluorescent pink)

Alex wins the smoking trolley member prize not just because he's hot but because he's offered to smoke a pipe while wheeling his,

and Nik is a valued member because he's joined despite his fears that we might all be a bit 'bonkers.' Oh, wait that was just me.

The rest of us are humble members (but as we all know, those with trolleys will never be absolutely humble because we can always aim them at unsuspecting ankles when they're busy condescending to us)

Vacant positions currently - Trolley Society Membership Member and Trolley Society Facebook Group Setter-up Member and Trolley Dolly Member....

Oh, and stop press ... we have just had our first American member join so we are now an official International Society.


Anne Kelly said...

Well yes, I wear my shopping trolley appreciation society badge with honour! Go trolleys!

Alex said...

Are we going to have a special blog?

Sarah Salway said...

Oh Alex, how kind you are to offer to set one up. The Trolley Society appreciates you.

And after all, what else do you have to do today?