Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm sure that there is a deep psychological reason why nearly every house I've lived in has an enormous amount of stairs. I long for wide and flat, but end up narrow and tall. Still, it has given me an obsession with uses of stairs rather than for just going up and down. This bookcase has featured before, but worth another few minutes lusting after nevertheless:

But it was these outside steps I found when browsing on Beholders Eye blog that really made me gasp (I found this site btw when browsing on Garden Monkey's wonderful blog):

What an amazing idea. I just love it when I see something I've never thought about before. And we have steps in the garden too, I could do this!**

And any of these too. Big Mouth's are featured on there, (Scroll down the book pics to the stairs) . So amazingly cool.

Oh yes, narrow and tall is where it's at. There must be a market for a staircase blog somewhere...

(**Isn't it always the joy of knowing you'll never quite get round to it that makes these pics so aspirational and lust-worthy?)


pierre l said...

It was nice to re-visit Scott's stairs - thank you.

jem said...

Totally in agreement with your last bracketed comment - I feel like you've found out my darkest secret!

The Garden Monkey said...


You are much too kind.